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Material datasheet for steel 1.0982

The main suppliers are not only the Slovenian ironworks SIJ RAVNE | SIJ ACRONI | ŠTORE STEEL, but also other major companies from all over Europe.

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Characteristics of steel

MC delivery status designation means TM production technology – Thermomechanical rolling + ACC rapid controlled cooling together with the concept of microalloying and low carbon content creates a fine grain structure.

Heat treatment above 580 °C is not permitted and would result in a reduction of the minimum yield strength.

These steel grades also meet all the requirements of comparable steels according to EN 10149-2.

Suitability of steel use

Very good suitability for cold forming, for profiling, punching. Very good weldability due to low carbon equivalent. Application in engineering, for the production of lightweight constructions with a requirement for higher strength. Frames of trucks and agricultural machines, cranes, excavators, etc.

Chemical composition of steel

Jakost oceli CMnSiAlNbTiPS
DIN / EN S460MC0,12 max.
1,60 max.
0,50 max.
0,015 max.
0,09 max.
0,15 max.
0,025 max.
0,015 max.

Steel hardness

REH [Mpa]Rm [Mpa][%]Nárazová práce [KV]+ [J] min. při
Jmenovitá tl. mm Mez kluzu Pevnost Taž.A -20 [ºC]0 [ºC]+20 [ºC] Stav dodání
3-15 min. 460 520-670 17 40 - -MC

Supply options

Choose from a range of steels. Other dimensions on request, from central stock or new production.

In stock 6 dimensions

Sheet – Coil shape

Hot rolled, For cold forming. 1.0982
Stav dodání MC