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CNC flame shape cutting

We offer manufacturing of semi-finished steel products both single pieces and series. Our Omnicut 3600 CNC unit allows flame cutting pieces of any shape and dimension.

CNC flame shape cutting

We offer fabrication of semi-finished metal products incl. CNC flame cutting. This technology is used for various semi-finished steel products of different shapes. We also offer fabrication of shaped and CNC flame cutted units made of metal sheet (primarily from our stock of construction, abrasion-resistant, high-strength, boiler and special steel).

  • CNC machine fitted with flame-cutting unit.
  • Shaped flame cutting of single-piece and also series production orders.
  • Flame cutted steel parts of any shape and dimensions.
  • Flame cutting of steel upon provided documentation (.DXF or .DWG files).
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CNC flame shape cutting

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