Tool steel – Block, Forged
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Tool steel – Block, Forged

Cold work tool steel

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19 436
Status of delivery
Steel group Tool steel
TDP EN EN 4957
Field of application Cold work tool steel
Shape Block
Production process Forged
Dimensional standard DIN 7527/6
Surface According to manufacturer
ČSN 19 436
W.Nr. 1.2080
DIN EN X210Cr12
Trade name SIHARD 2080
Brand name SIHARD 2080
Status of delivery +A
Heat treatment Soft annealed
Thickness 405 mm
Width 605 mm
Length production length
Comprehensive characteristic of steel SIHARD 2080
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From the above dimensions we will give you the required blanks. Other than the above dimensions, according to your demand, we will find out from the central warehouse or from new production.

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Availability
405 605 production length
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We supply a material certificate directly from the manufacturer for all orders.

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