Material datasheet for steel P355NL2

The main suppliers are not only the Slovenian ironworks SIJ RAVNE | SIJ ACRONI | ŠTORE STEEL, but also other major companies from all over Europe.

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Characteristics of steel

Sheets of quality P355NL supplied according to DIN EN 10025-2 with a certificate according to DIN EN 10204-3.1 var. P355NH/P355NL1/S355NL2. These steels are characterized by a guaranteed fine grain structure and a low carbon equivalent. Guaranteed mechanical properties at high temperatures as well as at low temperatures.

Suitability of steel use

Components of constructions exposed to demands for increased and decreased operating temperatures. Pressure vessels, product pipelines, pipe systems, bridge and structure construction.

Chemical composition of steel

Jakost oceli CMnSiCrWMoVNiPSCu
DIN / EN P355NL0,18 max.
0,50 max.
0,30 max.
0,10 max.
0,020 max.
0,40 max.
0,035 max.
0,010 max.
0,300 max.

Steel hardness

REH [Mpa]Rm [Mpa][%]Nárazová práce [KV]+ [J] min. při
Jmenovitá tl. mm Mez kluzu Pevnost Taž.A -50 [ºC]0 [ºC]+20 [ºC] Stav dodání
8-16 min. 355 470-630 min. 22 27 55 63N
16-40 min. 345 470-630 min. 22 27 55 63N
40-60 min. 335 470-630 min. 2127 55 63N
60-100 min. 315 470-630 min. 2127 55 63N


CEV %Tl. (mm)
max.0,43 8-80

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Sheet – Quarto

Hot rolled, For pressure vessels - fine grain. 1.1106
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